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4 Things to do after a job rejection


4 Things to do after a job rejection

It’s the moment you have been waiting for: the call about the dream job you interviewed for last week!

Everything about the job was exactly what you wanted and having left the interview feeling like it went well, you were awaiting the call with good confidence in your chance for success.

Unfortunately, though, the call starts with “we’re sorry to say . . .” and then you know what comes next.

While it is disappointing, it happens to all of us and more important than the outcome is what you do with it when you receive it.

Here’s how to make the most of the rejection call so you can succeed the next time.


1. Have a (short) pity party

It is understandable if you are disappointed, sad, frustrated or angry.

Letting these feelings drag on and get you down won’t be conducive to your success!

Take the opportunity to have your small pity party – then move forward and prepare to apply for more opportunities.

Set yourself a deadline for when the sad emotions and the pity party are put to rest and move forward, committing to finding the positive aspects.

For example, you have a lot of experience, you have great references to back up your expertise, you are highly skilled etc.

2. Regroup from the interview

Given that you felt the interview went well, take some time to reflect back on it and see what areas or questions may have let you down.

This isn’t about seeing where you failed, as much as seeing what questions they asked where you could craft a better answer for next time, or where you need to do some research to know more about how best to respond.

3. Evaluate your skills

While you know you are skilled and have experience, there could be one area of your skills or experience that may be lacking or weaker than others.

In other words, what may have been the influential factor that pushed your competitor slightly ahead of you in the selection process, and how can you improve your skills to be that person next time.

4. Take action

With the evaluation of your skills and interview completed, it’s time to get to work and take action.

Showing up at another interview not having learned from the previous and or without having put in steps to make improvements goes back to the adage, “nothing changes if nothing changes.”

Commit to taking action to improve what you have to offer in the next interview by considering the following ideas:

  • Attend a conference or seminar in your field
    • Talk to a thought leader in your industry who can give you new insights, information or help you with a certain area that would be of benefit to you.
  • Sign up for a course to focus on a certain area of weakness.
    • Apply for an alternative position that would give you more experience to contribute for next time.


Nobody likes rejection but making the most of it is the best way to grow and be on top the next time.  If you need help nailing your interviews or want to find the perfect job, reach out to Masis Staffing.