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How to Stand out in the Job Market as a New Graduate

jobs for college graduates

How to Stand out in the Job Market as a New Graduate

While there are many reasons to attend college, many choose a higher education to help them obtain an excellent job. So, when you’re looking for jobs for college graduates, is there anything you can do to stand out? Unfortunately, despite low unemployment rates in the United States, more than 83% of college graduates leave university without a job. Worse yet, it takes an average of 7.4 months for college graduates to secure a job. To improve your chances of landing a job as a new graduate, here are several tips to help you stand out in the job market.

jobs for college graduates

Perfect your resume

While your resume is only one small piece to being hired, it is a critical component. You have less than 30 seconds to make an impression on paper and receive an interview. This means your resume has no room for errors. Keep the following tips in mind as you write your resume:

  • Use a unique format to help it stand out from the dozens of others.
  • Proofread many times and look for any errors.
  • Sprinkle keywords from the job description in your resume — but only if they apply.
  • Focus on your achievements and the related experience that you do have.
  • Don’t be afraid to work with a professional to help fine-tune the document.

Improve your social media

Today, many recruiters and HR personnel will spend time looking at your social media profiles, particularly your LinkedIn profile. Take time building up these profiles, expanding your online networks, and being actively engaged on them. You may also want to look closely at your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. If there is anything unprofessional or could hurt your chances of receiving a new job, take it down immediately.

Accept all internships

There are many jobs for college graduates. However, many recent grads are in search of a high-level position. They don’t want to spend time working up to the salary and the title they feel they deserve. However, this attitude will only make finding a job more difficult. Rather, you want to look for potential internships, volunteer opportunities, and much more. While these may offer little to no pay, it will boost your resume, extend your network, and help you develop valuable skills. It will also get you more involved in the community, which is an appealing quality for many managers.

Improve your interview skills

A poor interview can easily cost you a job. Even if you don’t have an interview lined up, it is important to practice and prepare for common interview questions. By continually practicing for the opportunity, you’ll be more confident and less nervous when the chance does arise. You will know what you want to say and how to answer difficult questions. Many colleges have career centers where they will help you perfect your interviewing skills. Reach out to your university for potential resources and any jobs for college graduates they may know about.

It can be discouraging as a college graduate to leave a university without a job. However, by being consistent with the job hunt and keeping the above tips in mind, you will more easily land your dream job.