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Making Your Onboarding Process Seamless

Making Your Onboarding Process Seamless

You’ve found the ideal candidate for your job opening, and now it’s time to learn how they perform in their new role. While your hiring process is meant to ensure you find the ideal new hire who will commit to your business, you can never know whether they’re perfect for the role until they begin working. 

You may not have total control over how your new hire feels while working with your company, but you can tailor your onboarding process. That way, your new hire can ease into their new setting or role without becoming too overwhelmed and believing they made a mistake when accepting your job position. A seamless onboarding process will increase your chances of lower staff turnover as you provide thorough training and resources to help your new hires adapt to working for your business. 

Here are some tips to make your onboarding process seamless for new hires:

Set a Plan

A timing structure will help outline and guide your new hire and your team, so everyone knows what is happening at what times on your employee’s first day. A schedule with meeting times or topic choices for your training throughout the first day won’t leave your new hire overly confused about what is happening or what to expect on their first day. If timing allows, consider outlining their entire first week. This schedule will offer training wheels, so your employee feels in control while adapting to their new work setting.

Prepare Your Workplace 

Before your new employee enters your office, have it presentable so they will feel comfortable when they step through your doors. Have their new workstation clear and clean. Consider leaving a small gift like a company planner or stationary tools to break the ice and help them get started with establishing their new desk space. This small gesture will wow your new employee and make them feel appreciated and excited to begin working for you.

Prepare Your Staff

Speak with your team and notify them of their new coworker. A tour through the office will allow your new hire to meet your current employees so they can become familiar with one another. If your staff has a heads up that you will be onboarding someone new, they will be prepared to greet them with a friendly tone. They can also share a brief introduction of what they do so your new hire will know who to go to for whatever they need. 

Keep Checking In

If you believe an onboarding process begins and ends on the first day, you may find it harder to keep new hires. Remember that it can take a while to adapt to new work environments and a pace that they may not be familiar with. By consistently checking in through frequent meetings like every week or every two weeks, you can make sure your new hire feels comfortable in their new role. 

Your onboarding process is a chance for you to understand more about your business and how people can thrive while working for you. That’s why it’s essential to be open to input from your new hire so you can find opportunities to set all employees up for success. Remember that every new employee offers a unique learning opportunity.