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Mental Health Benefits Every Company Should Offer Its Employees

Mental Health Benefits Every Company Should Offer Its Employees

Depression costs businesses in the United States more than $44 billion each year. Poor mental health can affect your employees’ engagement levels, productivity, team-building, performance, and so much more. While a great salary is a perk that many employees search for, if you truly want to attract and retain talent, offering mental health benefits is key. This will not only benefit all of your employees but the entire company as well. 

There are a variety of mental health benefits your company may consider offering its employees. 

A few of these benefits include:

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a work-based program that helps employees with both personal and professional issues. These difficulties can range from serious financial problems to mental health conditions. These programs are free for employees to use and are typically administered through a third-party, protecting the employee’s privacy. For employees who are battling many personal and public challenges, these programs can be life-changing. 

Parental Leave

Parental leave is similar to maternal leave for new mothers. However, this option provides leave time to both the mother and the father regardless of whether a child is biologically born or is adopted. The time after becoming a new parent can be stressful and this gives parents the opportunity to adjust to their new life without the pressures and stress of work on top of their shoulders as well. 

Generous Paid Time Off

One of the benefits that many job seekers search for is paid time off. However, many individuals are searching for more than just a few days of vacation time each year. They are looking to receive enough paid time off to enjoy a long vacation, to not worry about illnesses, to take an afternoon off for dentist or doctor’s appointments, etc. Be generous with the paid time off you provide employees and make sure employees take advantage of this benefit and use it. 

A Strong Work Culture

Your workplace culture can play a significant role in the mental health of your employees. If they are constantly feeling belittled, torn down, etc., they will not succeed and will dread coming to work each day. You want to build a culture of positivity and praise. A few ideas to help build this environment include: 

  • Host team-building activities.
  • Place comfy chairs, houseplants, and other cozy items around the office.
  • Offer more praise and recognition to employees both in private and in public.
  • Allow for social opportunities such as team lunches, breaks with donuts or coffee, a company book club, etc. 

Gym Membership Stipend

Exercise has been proven to improve an individual’s mental health. It can also reduce stress levels, boost immune systems, increase productivity and creativity, and much more. To encourage your employees to exercise regularly, offer a gym membership stipend to help cover the cost of this expense. If possible, you may even build a gym inside your company building, and give your employees free access. 

Hosting and encouraging participation in physical fitness activities such as a company softball team or running a 5K are great ways to encourage exercise as well. 

The mental health of your employees should never be something you ignore. The above ideas are just a few ways you can better your employees and increase your retention rates.