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5 ways you can tackle your own personal career growth


5 ways you can tackle your own personal career growth

A personal development plan, career development map, or a vision board for your long-term goals – there are many ways you can strategize growth within your job.

In positioning yourself as a desirable employee, it is in your best interest to adopt one of these methods and show ingenuity and commitment to your employer.

Ready to get started?


1. Take initiative

The first part of taking on your own growth is just that: committing to it.

Don’t wait for someone else to hand you a challenge or offer you opportunities to grow – go out and find them yourself.

Look into courses, attend seminars or workshops, and network with people in your industry who you can learn from.

Showing that you are taking initiative and control of your own growth is a very desirable trait to employers and in the end, can only serve to make you a better employee.

2. Ask for what you want

Just like you need to take initiative when it comes to your personal growth and development, you also need to take the reins when it comes to making progress in your workplace amongst your peers.

  • Want to take on a challenging project – ask for it.
  • If you think it is time you were considered for a promotion – ask for it.
  • Are you due for a raise – ask for it.

It can be hard to step up and speak out, but doing so, and handling the outcome with dignity and grace, only solidify you as someone to be watched as a key player on the team.

3. Adopt a growth mindset

A growth mindset sees things that don’t work out, not as failures, but simply as something you didn’t accomplish yet.

When you apply to get in on a new project or promotion, and it doesn’t end up in your favor, instead of saying “I failed,” say, “I didn’t get there yet.”

The latter implies a place to grow and learn from and an opportunity to try again next time.

4. Take feedback

It can be hard sometimes to hear negative comments or reviews about ourselves. But it is the best way to learn.

When you give a presentation at work, or complete a project, always ask for positive feedback and constructive criticism – “how can I improve?”

Be in regular communication with your boss about areas that you can focus on for improvement and development and learn to take on constructive criticism as a positive thing and a way for you to grow.

5. Work to your potential

The only way you can grow is if you know what you are worth and what your potential is and if you try to push to that limit.

Get rid of the negative self-talk that says you are not good enough.

Turn off the voice in your head that says you can’t do something or succeed at something.

Replace it with positive, motivating talk instead.

Don’t let the prospects of growth within your job and having to tackle it yourself scare you off. When you are in the right job for you, and have a great attitude, then growth will be a breeze!