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How can you write a resume that will get noticed by a hiring manager?


How can you write a resume that will get noticed by a hiring manager?

Many of you will probably agree, that writing resumes is no fun.

It’s time-consuming, and in many cases, seems like a futile effort when you just keep getting rejection emails or don’t get a call for the job.

The good news though, is that with a bit of focus on your resume and how you craft it, you can start expecting to get more callbacks and actually get noticed and not just sent to the discard pile.


Target the Job

Creating a generic resume that you simply print out twelve times or attach to twelve different emails for each job is not going to bring you success.

Every job is unique, and as such, each one requires a unique resume that is tailored to the job you are applying for.

You need to target the position and convince the employer that you have the best skills and experience necessary to excel in the position.

Then show them your relevant history and evidence of performance to convince them of this.

Use the specific words and skills they request in the job description; draw out specific skills and experiences from your job history that would be most relevant to this position.

And above all else, show the employer that you care and that you put in the extra time and effort to tailor a resume.

Understand Profile vs Objective

There are many different parts to a resume, including contact information, job history, or experience, skills, and references.  One other area is your profile or objective.

They are in fact two different components, and you choose one of them to include, based on the job you are applying for and the relevant skills you have.

A profile is like a summary, which offers a detailed synopsis of your skills, and is essentially a snapshot of your abilities and experience.  This is an important selection if you are applying for a specific job.

An objective indicates the type of job you would like to have and is more designed for if you are sending your resume to a recruitment company or sending it to a company who is hiring for a few different positions.

Be Honest and Genuine

Steer clear of the resumes that are textbook perfect, with fancy language, generic word choice and standard formatting.

When it comes to looking through resumes, hiring managers get a lot of them, and the more they read that look the same, the more they all start to look the same.

In other words, you won’t stand out.

Create an authentic resume, that is an honest reflection of you and your skills and you’ll be much more likely to be chosen as a potential candidate.

Once you’ve drafted the perfect resume, pass it on to a friend or family member to give it a second look. You’ll get a fresh set of eyes to notice any typos, and they’ll likely give you a big boost in your self-esteem, so you can submit your resume with confidence.