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Social Media Mistakes that are Costing You the Job

Social media mistake

Social Media Mistakes that are Costing You the Job

Your social media accounts may be the place where you express your opinions and share images from your night on the town, but these things may be hurting your job hunt. According to a survey by CareerBuilder, up to 70% of employers use social to screen potential job candidates. During this process, 57% chose not to hire the candidate based on the content they found. Luckily, by avoiding just a few simple mistakes, you can prevent this from happening to you. Here are several things you should avoid no matter what social media channel you may be using. 

Social media mistake

Here are several things you should avoid no matter what social media channel you use. 

You are too opinionated

While it’s good to take a stand and believe in something, when you become too overbearing it can deter potential employers from hiring you. This is because employers are looking for individuals who will fit in well with their culture and work environment. They don’t want someone who will bring contention and many problems with them. While you can share some articles and opinions, be cautious about going overboard.

You’re posting inappropriate content

According to the CareerBuilder survey, 40% of employers said they did not hire a candidate after finding provocative or inappropriate photos, videos, and other forms of content. Additionally, 36% of employers said that they didn’t hire the candidate after information was posted about them using drugs, drinking, etc. Before you post anything online, it is best to ask if the content is professional or if you are making a social media mistake that will affect your chances of landing your dream job. 

Your posts are poorly written

While you may feel that your social media pages are personal and your own, grammar and well-written posts should still be a priority. Many employers feel that with spell check and other software programs readily available, there is no excuse for poor grammar. They may feel that poor grammar is a sign of laziness and lack of motivation — both are qualities that will turn away potential employers. 

You complain about work

Social media is not the place to complain about work. However, many individuals make this social media mistake. They use their platforms as a place to complain about projects they’re working on, company rules, or even co-workers. When potential employers see these types of posts, you greatly decrease your chances of being hired! They don’t want the worry or stress that you will complain about their own company and hurt their brand. 

What are a few things employers are looking for on social media?

As potential employers browse your social media channels, there are several things they are looking for and posts that can improve your chances of being hired. According to the CareerBuilder survey, these include: 

  • Being creative on social media
  • Your background information on social media supports information on your resume
  • You showcase your personality in a positive way
  • You show that you have a variety of interests


Keep in mind that even once you are hired for your dream job, you should still avoid the above social media mistakes. More than 48% of employers regularly visit their employee’s social media pages and 10% check it daily.