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What Research Should You Do Before Applying for a Job

What Research Should You Do Before Applying for a Job

If you’re in the middle of a job hunt, you may feel that playing the numbers game and sharing your resume with multiple employers will increase your chances for more interviews and considerations. That’s not necessarily the case. Instead, it’s best to focus your application so you can:

  • More effectively customize it to meet specific employer requirements and values
  • Demonstrate that you’re a worthy candidate for the role
  • Find a job that will fulfill your needs as an employee and individual pursuing a career

When perusing online job descriptions, you may be more focused on who’s hiring now and only focusing on candidate expectations and whether you meet them. However, by failing to consider what you want from your next employer and also whether they live up to their description, you may end up working somewhere with very different outcomes than what you hoped. By researching potential employers, you can make an informed decision of whether you would thrive in their work setting. 

Conduct these research methods to help you determine where to apply next and how to do it successfully.

Check Your Personal Network

When you see a workplace with a job posting that seems appealing to you, take to social media, particularly LinkedIn, to learn if you may know someone working there. You can look for any potential connections that you may have and ask them about their personal experience with the business. If they raise more interest with their personal review of the employer, you can use your connection to your advantage by asking for advice in your application process. 

Company Website

While a 100-word blurb about the company in its job posting may seem enough for you to understand what they’re about, take the extra time to check out their website. Learn about their services to better gauge what your role may look like, and learn about their business background and values. The “About” page will show you a glimpse of the company’s priorities and whether you align with them. You could end up feeling more motivated to apply if you personally connect with their values. Better yet, you can incorporate their shared values into your cover letter to increase your candidacy.

Online Reviews 

Online business reviews offer honest insights from their customers and also their former employees. This is where you will learn the straight facts about whether the employers create a work environment that benefits their staff or whether you should expect to be over-worked with little work-life balance. You may also learn from customer input whether the business fulfills their goals shared on their website or if they tend to cut corners and leave those seeking their services unsatisfied.

If the reviews are positive, you’ll know you’re applying to a company where you can grow. This could be the inspiration you need to submit a well-written application that shows fight and passion for the open job role, which could convince employers to give you a chance. 

Remember that your work will determine your lifestyle. It could offer balance and professional growth or could leave you feeling burnt out and unfulfilled. You deserve to make sure you’re working for a business that will value your commitment and help you flourish. Invest thought and passion into your job hunt, and you’ll be more likely to achieve positive results.