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Attract and Retain Top Talent With Employer Branding

Attract and Retain Top Talent With Employer Branding

These days, the conditions of a new job matter more than ever. Job applicant standards regarding benefits, rewards, work pace, and more are higher. They want to find an employer that will ensure their safety and wellness to compensate for their work commitment. That’s why it’s important for you to effectively describe the job role and expectations when sharing a job position opening—and your overall business values and the environment—through employer branding. 

What is Employer Branding?

To properly attract and retain hardworking, committed, talented new hires, you should be clear about what your business will offer to its employees. What will they gain if they choose to work for your company? Your employer branding will answer these questions.

While you may have a company brand already established, your employer brand will describe what future and current employees can expect from your management. Through employer branding, you can describe the main principles you’ll want your employees to inhabit to drive your business. It’s also important to include the workplace they should anticipate and your work environment’s overall tone. 

Including well-developed employer branding in your job posting will motivate potential hires to apply and be passionate about getting the job.

Provoking Emotional Response in Job Candidates

With employer branding, you sell your business to your job applicants. 

These days, job seekers can be more commonly known as job shoppers. They want to work where they can feel motivated, invest their passion, and grow. If your branding demonstrates this, they can establish a personal connection to your business and feel inspired to enter the application process with excitement. You will receive more aspirational applicants who care about working for you. This will save time: your own time, and the time it takes to find the right candidate. By the interview stage, you’ll be mutually interested in having the candidate fill the role. 

Consider your target employee, and craft your employer branding materials for them, like you would with job postings. Use emotion-focused words that would appeal to them. Tell a story that describes what you are like as an employer. Include past employee stories so your candidates can hear from others about what to expect when working for your business. These features will influence job applicants to submit their resumes and commit to your hiring process.

Make Promises You Can Keep 

As mentioned, your employer branding entails you selling yourself as an employer to job seekers. You will want to list rewards like:

  • Personal and professional growth with proper training resources
  • Monetary bonuses or other incentives
  • Health and other benefits
  • Weekly complimentary lunch
  • Promoted wellness through gym membership, on-site health studio, etc.
  • Career advancement opportunities

Be specific and clear when listing these benefits so that job applicants will have realistic expectations. You could also include anecdotes of employees who have advanced through the company or received high-value bonuses as evidence that these promises are legitimate. 

With the listed positive qualities included in your employer branding, your potential hires will be excited about your job position. They’ll be more likely to commit to growing your business and remaining loyal as your employee for longer periods of time. Try employer branding to increase your employee satisfaction and retention.