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Building confidence in your job: How to do it and why it matters


Building confidence in your job: How to do it and why it matters

For many of us, we allow our career and success at work to dictate our level of confidence in ourselves.

When we feel like we are accomplishing a great deal at work, being productive, meeting goals, and pushing sales targets, we have a boost in confidence and believe in ourselves more.

On the other hand, however, present a series of work setbacks, projects that don’t go as planned, or failure to meet goals, and our confidence drops in response.

It’s time to step up and take ownership of building your confidence, regardless of work outcomes, and use it to be what dictates how you feel in your job, not the other way around!


Capitalize on your strengths

While we often hear about the need to work on our weaknesses and improve on the areas where we are less competent, constantly focusing on the things you aren’t good at is no way to boost your confidence and work to help you build job success.

Most of the time, take on tasks and lead the way in your workplace in areas that are your strength and where you are best.

From there, use this confidence to then tackle your weaknesses, reaching out for help from a mentor, boss, or co-worker if you need to, preventing you from becoming discouraged.

This balance is important for your own happiness and wellbeing, your personal development, and to show initiative and your desire to advance in your career.

Educate yourself

It’s true: knowledge is power.

And there is nothing to boost confidence like walking into a room to give a presentation at work and being confident in knowing that you know exactly what you are talking about and that you are the voice of authority on the matter of presentation.

This starts with educating yourself accordingly.

Always seek to be continually learning in the workplace: taking courses, getting feedback, reading, and finding mentors.

As you gain more knowledge, you will also gain more confidence, and your ability to perform your job will also improve.

Surround yourself with the right people

Here, we’re talking about the kinds of people who bring you up, support you, encourage you, and aren’t afraid to give you a bit of tough love and constructive criticism when you need it.

Being in a workplace with negative attitudes, pessimism, or people who are constantly critical of your work and telling you that it isn’t good enough is not a conducive environment to building confidence and improving job productivity.

This can be annoying and frustrating in the short term, and lead to resentment and job dissatisfaction in the long term.

Developing confidence is important in any forward-thinking employee.

It can be tricky but is certainly not impossible.

Whether you are looking to improve your confidence in the lead up to your next job search, or you are an employer looking to find the best, most confident employees, confidence is king in the workplace.

Seek out people and projects that celebrate your strengths and make you shine, and take your learning cues from areas where you struggle, all combining to create a more confident, and capable, you.