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How to choose the right recruitment agency


How to choose the right recruitment agency

When it comes to building your business, few things end up being more important than your staff.

It’s your staff who are in the thick of it day in and day out, and you want to know you have the right people in those positions.

The best thing you can do is find a recruitment agency who you are confident with to take on the task of finding the right talent for your team.

Develop a relationship with the recruitment team and pretty soon you’ll have a great staff behind your company.

Here’s how to choose the right agency:


Consider Their Specialization

Not all recruitment agencies are created equal. Many will have specific areas of specialization which they focus on and operate within a specific niche.

For example, some agencies are specialized in hiring real estate agents, while others may cater specifically to finding executives or highly skilled individuals for specialized roles requiring a greater level of experience.

It is important to know what area of specialization you need for your own business and to find a recruitment agency that can cater to that for you.

Consider Their Experience and Track Record

Take some time to look at the experience and track record of the agency you are considering working with. Jeff Altman puts it simply by saying “do your homework.”

Look up their LinkedIn profile, looking for testimonials or reviews from other companies or candidates.

View past work to see if the work they do is reflective of the type of work you need done and if they seem like they have the values and philosophies of an agency that you could work with.

Remember that hiring a recruitment agency is a relationship that has to work for both parties, so start by making sure it looks like a relationship that could be successful.

Consider Them Like a Candidate

Jennifer Brown of PeopleTactics recommends interviewing the recruiters just as you would a candidate for employment.

If you were hiring a new employee, you wouldn’t simply look at their website or their Facebook profile and then call them up and give them the job.

The same applies to recruitment agencies. In addition to doing your homework online and looking into their history and background, arrange a meeting and get to know the team.

When you speak with them, go in with a list of questions you have, both generalized to their business, and specific to yours. For example, ask “how can you help me build up my business?” “why do I need to hire an agency and not simply work on my own?” And most importantly, “why do I need your agency?”

Many businesses and managers are hesitant to hire recruitment agencies to look after hiring their employees, but there is a lot at stake and it is worth making sure you have the right people to find the best employees for you. Follow these tips to make sure you partner with the perfect recruiting match for your unique needs.