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Common Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

Common Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

When it comes to setting yourself apart during the hiring process, nothing is more important than successfully navigating the interview. Sure, you may have the perfect resume, a long list of quality references, and all the personality traits of the ideal new hire. But if you can’t provide a satisfactory answer to these important questions, you have little to no chance of making the cut, especially in today’s competitive marketplace

Preparation is key in the eyes of potential employers, yet many applicants don’t invest enough time in preparing for the interview process. Failure to consider this crucial step may be an avoidance tactic to calm nerves or anxiety building up to the interview, or it could be because you think that you’re prepared enough in the first place. Whatever the reason, attending an interview without thoroughly preparing for some core questions is a great disservice to both yourself and the company that has shown interest in you. Here are some interview questions you’re bound to get during your next application and how you can improve your hiring prospects by answering them correctly! 

Tell Me A Little Bit About Yourself

This ice-breaker question may seem simple, but it’s more complex than you think. In addition to backing up your resume and explaining relevant work experience, the answer to this proposition should also include information about your life outside of the professional realm. By telling the interviewer about your hobbies, relevant interests, and experiences, you give them a glimpse into how well-suited you are for their company culture. 

Why Are You Interested in Working for Our Company?

Essentially, the company wants you to demonstrate how much time you’ve put into researching their business. By scouring social accounts, blog posts, and web pages, you can build a body of knowledge about the company and its operations and then connect their organizational goals to your personal ones. 

What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses?

In addition to learning about where you excel and struggle, this classic question allows the interviewer to assess your abilities in terms of both honest communication and self-evaluation. Don’t try to make yourself sound more capable than you are; many companies expect a learning curve and appreciate a new hire who knows exactly what they bring to the table. 

What Accomplishment are You Most Proud Of?

This is your moment to really wow your future employer. Companies are always on the lookout for talent that can back up what they’ve put down on a CV. This question provides you the perfect opportunity to show off how your skills translate to successful business operations.

What’s the Biggest Challenge You’ve Overcome at Work? 

This question allows for essential insight into how you react in an adverse context. Make sure that your answer provides a detailed outline of the challenging situation, the actions you took to address it, and how these behaviors led to a successful resolution. 

What Are Your Salary Expectations?

It can seem awkward to talk about payment right off the bat, but having a concrete answer to this question will save time for both you and the employer. You’ll demonstrate that you understand the value that you bring to the table and are aware of what potential competitors are willing to pay for it. 

(Bonus) Do You Have Any Questions For Us?

This is often a throw-away closer at the end of the interview. You may be tempted to just glaze past it, but this open-ended inquiry is a great way for you to show your initiative and interest. By carefully crafting a question of your own prior to the sit-down, you’re demonstrating that you are confident enough to think about the next steps beyond the interview process.

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