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Get the Job You Want With These Video Interview Tips

Get the Job You Want With These Video Interview Tips

A job interview is a final opportunity to demonstrate to an employer that you are a) qualified for their job opening and b) compatible with their business values. You’ve submitted an outstanding resume and cover letter, portfolio, etc., package online that drew them in to consider you further for the job opening. Now, you need to nail the interview to secure your position. This is a vital, challenging test that stands between you and your dream job.

With more job applications being conducted online and many offices working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, video interviews are becoming a more significant recruitment trend. There’s no opportunity to shake hands or break the ice with an offered glass of water like past in-person job interviews. Some of the rules of etiquette for video interviews may stray from what you may be familiar with.

To ensure you nail the interview to land the job you want, follow these practices:

Check Your Video Call Settings

Most employers will notify you of what video chat platform you’ll be using before your interview. Days before your interview, make sure to sign in or register for the channel so you’ll be able to simply click the link or open the chat with a few clicks on your interview day. When testing your video interview settings on the platform, test your computer camera and microphone. This is a proactive method to reduce any time-consuming and awkward technical glitches that could impair your job interview. 

Appear As You Would In Person

Your job interview is a critical element of your employer’s first impression of you. Just like it is necessary for in-person interviews, dress in business attire that demonstrates you are mature, professional, and neat, even if you’re sitting in your own home. You’ll appear respectable and seem organized on-screen, which hiring managers want in their candidates. 

Set a Professional Backdrop

Do you live in an apartment with multiple roommates? That may mean you need to conduct your interview from your bedroom. If your employer sees a messy bed in your video interview background, you may seem disorganized. Choose a plain wall or tidy up the space around you, so everything looks orderly and visually appealing over the screen. 

Notify other people in the home of your interview timing so they can be quiet during it. While you may remember to turn off notifications on your phone for your call, make sure to do this for your computer applications, too. 

Your Body Language Still Matters

When interviewing from your home, you may feel more relaxed than at an office. However, this does not mean you have the freedom to slouch or lounge on the couch while discussing your job opportunity. Find a chair that you can sit in and maintain good posture, eye contact with your employer through the screen, and limit your arm or body movement to avoid distracting your potential employer. 

Believe In Yourself

Through video, in-person, or phone call interviews, you ultimately need to have confidence in your own abilities to earn your employer’s trust. You’ve worked hard to earn the qualifications for the job position, so you deserve it! Remember to ask questions that matter to you about the job role and to breathe. If you trust that you are eligible for the position, you will convince your interviewers that you’re just what they need.