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How to Make Your Hiring Process More Efficient

How to Make Your Hiring Process More Efficient

Do you find that when you experience staff turnover, your business productivity rates take a hit? 

When someone is leaving your workplace, you must take action to publish a job posting, review application submissions, contact persons of interest, schedule interviews and other recruitment steps, and then train your new hire. Beyond the delays of filling your job role, you may also experience new hire turnover. This could happen because your new hire finds that your workplace does not suit their expectations, or if you find they are not as qualified as they claimed in your recruitment process. For several reasons, it could take a while before you refill an open career position, which will impact your business productivity and current staff conditions. 

To avoid the stresses caused by a prolonged hiring process, follow these steps to improve your hiring process with efficiency: 

Be Specific and Detailed in Job Postings

Suppose you notice new candidates who seemed qualified walking away from their new job role within days of their onboarding process. In that case, your job posting was likely missing essential details, which led to misconstrued expectations.

When listing your career opening online or through various job posting platforms, include all necessary details that clearly define the role and expectations:

  • Workday pace (fast-paced, laidback, digital-heavy processes, etc.) 
  •  A day in the life, listing what a workday would look like, including frequent meetings, correspondence with clients, filing tasks, etc.
  • Employer branding details, like your organization’s overall goals, history, and more.

With a clear outline of the job role and your business environment, you’ll notice your new hires will remain committed to your business because they were effectively informed of what to expect with your career position. 

Access Passive Candidates

Some people currently employed may not be actively seeking a new career opportunity, but if the right one catches their eye, they could be motivated to apply. Choose to promote your job posting on various platforms, like social media, networking events, and recruitment services, to reach a broader audience and receive more qualified candidates.

Look Within

You may find the ideal candidate to fill your career opening within your organization. This could be the time to offer a talented and dedicated employee a promotion or new job role. By providing internal advancement opportunities, your employees will have goals to work toward. This motivation will reduce your staff turnover rates and boost employee morale as they appreciate receiving recognition for their hard work with career growth opportunities. 

Speed Up Your Recruitment Stage

The main delays caused in hiring a new job candidate involve the interview and pre-hire evaluation stage. You may commit weeks to interview many potential new hires and then lose more time in the next steps in your recruitment process. Instead, limit your choice of interviewees to a smaller handful. After their successful interviews and further evaluation steps, you will be sure of your new hire choice with your streamlined hiring process.

With a thorough yet efficient hiring process, you may manage to find a new hire before your current employee is done working for you. That way, your onboarding process will be seamless, and your business productivity remains on-course when you hire someone new who will contribute to your success.