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Questions You Should Always Ask During the Onboarding Process

onboarding questions

Questions You Should Always Ask During the Onboarding Process

The onboarding process is one of the most important steps you will take if you want to become successful in any job and industry. During this process, you are integrated into the company and taught about its processes, policies, structure, and more.

onboarding questions

Some companies consider their onboarding process as simply filling out paperwork and showing their new hire to their desk, but this process is so much more than that. It includes building a connection between yourself and your new team, learning about the workplace culture, being introduced to policies and procedures, and more. Studies show that when employees experience an effective onboarding process, they are more likely to stay with a company for longer than three years.

But, to experience an effective onboarding process, it is more than just following the motions. It involves full engagement and asking questions. Here are a few questions you should always ask during the onboarding process.

Who can I ask if I have questions or need help?

As a new employee, you will have many questions that come up as you work through the various processes and projects. You need a mentor or a trainer who you can go to for assistance. Find out on your first day who this individual will be and begin getting to know one another. Plus, you may also have different people you need to talk to regarding IT issues or certain projects. Find out who you need to contact for these issues and tasks as well.

What is the preferred communication method?

Communication is vital to the success of any company but each business may prefer a different form of communication. For example, email may be what one team uses while another business wants to keep their inboxes clear and they use an application such as Slack. Find out what your new company likes to use and why.

Do you have any resources I can use to improve my performance?

To be the best employee you can, you need to have the right tools and resources. Some companies will have resources such as an online handbook, a wiki, a training manual, etc. Find out if your company has any of these resources and how you can access it.

Is there a specific review process?

Some companies will have a specific process in place for annual or quarterly reviews. Find out right away what this process is and what you need to do to be prepared for these upcoming meetings. Talk about the expectations in each of these meetings, things you are evaluated upon, and what the company expects you to do to become a successful employee.  

Is there anything I need to know to be successful?

The onboarding process is going to look different for every company. Some will be very detailed and extensive while others will just cover the basics. Make sure you ask if there is anything unique or different about the company — something they may have forgotten to tell you that would hinder your success in the company. The more you know and the more training you work through, the more confident you will feel and the better your performance.

If you want to be an employee who stands out among your workforce, begin with the onboarding process. It’s your key to delivering high performance and excellent quality of work.