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5 Workplace Etiquette Rules You Need to Follow

5 Workplace Etiquette Rules You Need to Follow

Being an extraordinary employee is much more than your quality of work and how well you meet your deadlines (even though these are very important!). It also involves how well you behave in the workplace, how considerate you are of others, and your manners. Let’s talk about five workplace etiquette rules that will not only help you be more well-liked in the office but will decrease the conflict and contention you experience as well.

1. Watch Your Noise Levels


No matter if you have your own private office or you sit in a sea of cubicles, you want to keep your noise level low. This means you want to avoid loud conversations, turning up music or podcasts too loud, continually rocking a squeaky chair back and forth, etc. This is also important to remember if you have a loud voice that carries. You want to be mindful of how much noise you are making and where you are. 


2.  Be Mindful of Smells


Regardless of where you may be in the office, it is important that you are mindful of your smells. In many cases, this involves the food you eat. You don’t want to bring in food that creates strong and lingering smells such as Thai food or even tuna fish. However, this also applies to the types of perfumes and colognes you may wear, bodily functions, and your personal hygiene. 


3. Your Dress and Appearance


When you do not take care of yourself, you make those around you uncomfortable. When you come to work each day, dress like you want to be there. Depending on the dress code for your office, make sure you follow it through completely. Even casual dress should still be nice attire that is washed and appears in good condition. 


Also, find the time to take care of yourself. Use personal hygiene products to keep smells to a minimum and to help you look good. Keep in mind that when you look good, you feel good as well and you will improve your performance


4. Keep Your Work Area Clean

 Keeping a clean and tidy workspace may not be a priority in your day but it should be something you consider and take care of regularly. When you have a clean workspace, you are more organized and it is easier to find certain documents and supplies. You also make a stronger impression on your co-workers and managers. Even better, when you keep your workspace clean, you eliminate much of the stress and frustration that occurs from a cluttered and dirty environment. You help keep yourself and your co-workers happy. 


5.  You Value Other Individual’s Time

 One of the best workplace etiquette rules you want to follow is to be respectful of your co-worker’s time. During meetings, you don’t want to hold everyone up, making snide and snarky comments or trying to make a joke. You don’t want to come late to meetings or disregard deadlines. Just like you are busy when at work, so are your co-workers. You want to be mindful of everyone’s time no matter where you are or what you are doing. 


By keeping the above five workplace etiquette rules in mind, you will find you are less stressed, there is less contention, and you will be happier at the office. Remember that a little respect and common courtesy can go a long way.