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Health Benefits That Will Attract Top Talent

Health Benefits That Will Attract Top Talent

Considering the COVID-19 pandemic conditions, the need for health-promoting benefits offered by an employer is higher than ever. Health benefits are worth investing in to attract and retain talented new hires who will support your business goals. Employees want to work somewhere that offers access to health services to avoid or overcome illness without losing money.

Here are the top five health-related benefits that will boost your top-talent retention:

Health, Dental, Vision Coverage

In a recent study, 88% of employees claimed they would take a lower-paying job role if it includes sufficient health, dental, and vision insurance coverage. By including this in your benefits package, your employees will have the tools to maintain their health. Offering insurance will protect your employees in the face of an emergency. 

Paid Parental Leave

More and more employers are including parental leave in their benefits plans. Paid parental leave is worth providing, especially if most of your employees or potential hires are young professionals. When starting a family, your employees can take care of their newborn and keep it healthy in its first months.

Paid Sick Leave

Your employees can’t always control when they get sick. During the cold and flu season, getting sick is almost unavoidable. With paid sick leave, your workers can recover and return to work in top shape, ready for optimal productivity. 

Access to Mental Health Services

If your employees are experiencing mental health issues, they could be struggling to focus or get through each workday. In the long run, you may experience a hostile work environment, slower workflow, and high staff turnover, which will cause top talent to avoid applying to your business. Consider including insurance coverage for counseling services, paid mental health days, or in-house services that will help employees experiencing anxiety, depression, and other issues. 

Access to Fitness

By supporting your employees’ fitness, you may notice them taking fewer sick days or needing less coverage for health benefits because they are in healthy shape. A talented candidate will be more attracted to your business if you have on-site fitness facilities or offer discount programs for classes. Promoting fitness in your workplace will reduce chronic health issues and your employees’ stress levels. You’ll lead a more positive, productive work culture, which will be valuable to new hires and your current staff.

A frequent question that you may receive from candidates in their job interview process will be about the perks you offer to your employees. With health-related benefits on your list, your new hire will be convinced that you are the ideal employer for them.